CBT-based Pain Education

Through training with the Pain Management Research Institute, University of Sydney, and ongoing clinical practice, Tidswell Consulting is competent in applying cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) methods to assist clients in the management of persistent pain.

Our framework includes:

  • Client assessment and case formulation;
  • Development of client goals and treatment targets;
  • Specific pain management strategies based on the treatment plan. These include –
    • Applied relaxation
    • Pain education
    • Activity scheduling and pacing
    • Cognitive restructuring
    • Slient self-management and maintenance strategies.

In providing these services, we work in collaboration with the client’s medical and treatment providers.  This enables an integrated program and wrap-around services.

We use a skills development approach, and clients are provided with the resources and tools to apply CBT-based skills on an ongoing basis.  This promotes self-management and maintenance as key components of the program.

With our focus on Vocational Rehabilitation, were possible we assist the client to apply their CBT-based skills to better manage their pain in a workplace setting.