Employability Skills

Tidswell Consulting uses the Foundation Skills Assessment Tool (FSAT), released by the Department of Education and Training.  The FSAT is an interactive online tool to measure an individual's foundation skill levels (English language, literacy and numeracy skills) and Employability Skills.

The FSAT may be used to identify a client’s stage of development across the ten Employability Skills.  This provides a basis for:

  • Articulating the client’s current levels;
  • Identifying the client’s strengths and weaknesses;
  • Providing a framework for progression.

Employability Skills in Vocational Assessment

In Vocational Assessment the FSAT may be used to identify skills gaps that may impact on the client's employability or labour market competitiveness. 

The framework for progression enables Tidswell Consulting to make recommendation for specific learning and development activities to enhance the individual’s ability to access the labour market, or to transition to new employment.

Employability Skills in Vocational Rehabilitation

In Vocational Rehabilitation, Tidswell Consulting uses the FSAT in conjunction with a workshop to educate the client about:

  • What Employability Skills are
  • Why they are important
  • How the client can assess the skills they already have
  • Ideas for the client to evidence their skills in a job application or interview
  • How to identify skill gaps and areas for skills development

Following the workshop, the use of the FSAT endorses the client's use of self-reflection and self-management in the development of Employability Skills.


An individual’s development and performance of the Core Skills for Work is influenced by a range of factors. 

We provide Employability Skills measurement and development as part of Vocational Rehabilitation services. This reflects our understanding that the client’s career concerns are not isolated from their other life issues, and in particular, the impacts of their injury.  Appropriate interventions can then be provided or recommended to support the client’s development of Employability Skills.

Employability Skills for Jobseekers

Tidswell Consulting accepts referrals from Jobactive Providers to deliver the FSAT and the Employability Skills Workshop to individuals and groups.  Contact Kim Tidswell to discuss how we can assist your organisation to provide Employability Skills assessment and training.