Vocational Assessment Centre

Tidswell Consulting is a specialist in Vocational Assessment.

The Vocational Assessment Centre was established as a division of Tidswell Consulting in 2014 in response to an increasing demand for Career Transition services, and for Vocational Assessment and Redeployment Services that meet the Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners 2012 (www.cica.org.au).

Through our Vocational Assessment Methodology we apply the Professional Standards for Career Development Practitioners to our professional practice (www.cica.org.au).



Our Vocational Assessment Methodology incorporates a structured interview and vocational assessment instruments, as appropriate and relevant to individual clients. Our Methodology and Guidelines ensure an objective and reliable Vocational Assessment. 

Within our Vocational Assessment Methodology we have developed Guidelines for Vocational Assessment that we apply when making recommendations for training, and recommendations to address the client’s Barriers to Return to Work. 

We ensure that our Vocational Assessment Methodology remains best practice, by continually reviewing our Methodology against Career Development Industry standards, and developments within the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

Labour Market Reports

Relevant and reliable labour market information is essential for effective career development decisions.  We provide Labour Market Reports based on the client’s Target Occupations List, to support the client’s vocational decision-making and goal setting.

Legal Reports

The Vocational Assessment Centre provides Vocational Assessments for insurers and injured workers and their legal representatives.

Earnings are determined in labour markets as a product of both supply and demand.

The Vocational Assessment deals with the supply side for a particular individual - the ability of an individual to perform a given job/s, including that person’s access to the labour market.

The demand side relates to labour market opportunities and wage rates.  Our Vocational Assessment Reports include a Labour Market Report to provide labour demand data and wage rates for the individual’s Target Occupations, to enable an assessment of Earning Capacity.

Kim Tidswell is a practicing Vocational Rehabilitation Provider.  As such, Kim has provided expert witness evidence in Tribunals and the Supreme Court, on her Vocational Assessment Reports, and on her Vocational Rehabilitation service delivery.