Vocational Rehabilitation


Vocational Rehabilitation has a concern for the whole person, and the services provided by Tidswell Consulting cover all domains – physical, psychological, social and vocational.  However, the incorporation of vocational components at every stage of the rehabilitation process, reflects our philosophy of The Value of Work.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is not complete if our clients do not return to work.  We are able to provide seamless vocational rehabilitation services - from Initial Rehabilitation Assessment through to Redeployment Services if the client cannot return to their pre-injury employment.


Based on individual client need, Career Development services are provided through all stages of the Redeployment Program.  Our focus is on supporting the client with sound vocational decision making and adjustment.

Tidswell Consulting has developed a four-stage Career Transition (Redeployment) Program. We continually evaluate our approach, to be leaders and innovators in this specialised area.  Our goal is to support clients to achieve a positive career transition following injury, and to promote the value of Career Development services generally in the community.

Through our tailored Redeployment Services, we apply the Professional Standards for Career Development Practitioners 2012 to our professional practice.  We assist our clients to:

  • Develop self-awareness and explore their vocational identity to develop a Target Occupations List.
  • Understand and apply labour market information to their decision making and jobsearch.
  • Adapt to, and manage change and transition.
  • Develop the career management competencies to effectively manage their careers, now and in the longer term.
  • Develop active jobsearch skills and resources.